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Customer Testimonials

"I don't really expect the colour printed manual. I'm really appreciate it" - Syed Sulaiman (Malaysia)


"I strongly recommended DipTrace to all uni. students who are doing their electronic product development pcb as this easy to use and what more is the large component library which need not to hunt on the web..." - Thiru Kaliappoo (Malaysia)

DipTrace - Professional PCB-Design Tool

Are you looking for a professional and easy-to-use PCB Design software with powerful autorouter and reasonable price?

Try DipTrace and you will be surprised! DipTrace is a complete state-of-the-art PCB Design System. It includes:

  • PCB Layout - PCB design with an easy to use manual routing tools and autorouter.

  • Schematic - Schematic Capture and export to PCB.

  • Pattern Editor - allows you to create part footprints.

  • Component Editor - allows you to draw parts and make components.

Schematic Capture PCB Layout

If you are interested in DipTrace, feel free to contact us! Our sales personnel is more than ready to be at your assistance.

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Who are our customers?

The majority of our customers are small and medium sized businesses who need powerful solution with professional features for their design purposes and at the same time don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for Schematic Capture and PCB Design package.